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Name Saurabh Nandu
Yahoo/MSN Messenger ID
Current Location New Bombay (now Navi Mumbai), India
Technology C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, Java, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Flash 5
Award Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP)
CEO AksTech Solutions - Reflecting Your Needs...
A .NET Solution Development and Consulting company.
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Co-Author 1) Data-Centric .NET Programming with C#
(Wrox) ISBN 1-861005-92-X
Technical Editor 1) C# .NET Web Developers Guide
(Syngress Publishing) ISBN 1-928994-50-4
Technical Reviewer

1) C# Today / ASP Today
(Wrox web sites)
2) Wireless Internet & Mobile Business - How to Program
(Deitel - Prentice Hall) ISBN 0-13-062226-5
3) C# - How to Program
(Deitel - Pretence Hall) ISBN 0-13-062221-4

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Q: How did I get into C# and .NET ?
A:  You really got to believe my story! I was studying Java for about a year from 1999 and Internet was a BIG part of my life. One fine day in November 2000, a Internet Friend of mine Nanu Jogi, who I had never met before but was impressed by his programming skills (I still am!), mailed me and asked me to meet him the next day. 
I was excited but did not know what to expect! We met the next day at a railway station and out of the blue he hands over a CD (containing the .NET SDK) and tells me, "Go Make Your Future!"
At this point of time I had heard of .NET (somewhere on the Internet) but never thought of trying it out. I went home happy and popped the CD into the drive and tried to install the .NET SDK, but the installation failed due to corrupt files! I stopped all my further exploits there since I could not download the huge SDK myself over the crappy and costly 33.6k Dial-up connection I had!
There after two of my pals Ridhish and Chandresh who knew about the whole incident spent one full night to download the .NET SDK for me! This time the SDK installed all-right and I started working on C#. It was Nanu's vision and motivation that kept me working on the .NET Platform which very little documentation and no books!
Later in December 2000, I met Mahesh (of ) who encouraged me to write and made me a member of his site too. Due to lack of good material on .NET I started my own free website to provide quality material for developers learning C# and the .NET platform.
Once the website started there was no looking back, the terrific response and appreciation that I got got from You people has lead me to this website.
Its just God's blessings, family and friends support that's been driving me to make this a better website for all of you!     

Q: Why did I choose the name "MasterCSharp" for my website?
A:   When I was in college with accountancy as the major subject, computers and programming was my passion and hobby. Since most of my friends in college were more inclined towards other things from computers I was the odd man out! But anytime they had any problem with their computer they would come running to me. I used to help them out as well as teach them a few tricks too! 
In this process my friends started cynically calling me "Master" which in Hindi means "Teacher" and have a hearty laugh. 
That's why I have chosen the name "MasterCSharp" to show my friends that I am indeed the one of best teacher of C# around! (this time I am having a hearty laugh :) )